Chimp’s Position

Start:  Starts a new position
Add: Adds on an existing position
Stop out:  Hits stop order and sold,  used to control loss, normally less than 5%

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Current Positions:

Chinese Gaming, Social media, TenCent, $TCEHY:

Chinese Casino $MLCO;

Chinese gaming, NTES:

eCommerce, BABA:

Brazil eCommerce, MELI:

Google: Googl

Apple: AAPL

Tesla: TSLA

Disneyland: DIS

US gaming: ATVI

Software: ADBE

Restaurant: CMG

Homebuilder: PHM, XHB

4/20/2017: Buy out speculative name $TSRO stopped out; This thing never worked for me 🙂

Started $NTES, seems like more downside room, but I’m picking up some here; Also started a position in ATVI, ADBE

4/19/2017 Exited TNAV, in a trading range, not my type; Lower position exposure by taking some profit in TCEHY, BABA

4/18/2017: CF, TSO stopped out; Started some Disneyland DIS

4/10/2017 Restaurant $CMG, been shaken out mutliple times in 2017. Character changed, added to my holdings

4/7/2017 Stopped out NCLH at 50 moving average

4/4/2017 Start TSRO, MLCO

4/3/2017 Start TSLA, breaking out

3/27/2017 Start AAPL, MELI


= Old trades have been moved to “Historical Trades” page=

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